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FEBRUARY 5, 2020

Growing clean around the world

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FEBRUARY 5, 2020

Growing Clean Globally

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FEBRUARY 5, 2020

Welcome to a new era of growing green. Together.

An Overview

The Indian Paper

Domestic + Import Consumption

65% of the mils in India use recovered paper as their source of raw material

35% of the mills are based on virgin wood fibres

Domestic recycling rate at 30%, India will continue to be a major importer of recovered paper from across the globe

Imports of recovered paper in FY 2018-19 was between 7 and 8 million tonnes

50 % of recovered paper imports are from the USA

Imports of wood pulp around 1 million tonnes

  • 4% of the global paper production happens in India
  • Total production in FY 2018-19 was approximately 18.6 million tonnes
  • Growing at around 6.5% pa in 2018-19
  • Expected to touch 25 million tonnes by 2025
  • Economic factors + increase in domestic consumption driving growth

Growing clean for over 3 decades now.

Genesis Green

In 1988, Tradecom was founded with a singular vision in mind – to help our planet recover by pioneering the recovered and recycled paper industry in India.

  • Sturdy supply network
  • Commitment to delivering Quality and Value
  • Dedicated team that embodies professionalism
  • Building enduring relationships with customers

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