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Change in global recovered paper trade patterns – A Fastmarkets RISI perspective

China’s decision to restrict the import of solid waste including recovered paper (RCP) in 2017 was a major turning point and impacted RCP trade flows severely. The last three years saw the global recycled paper industry trying to adjust to the new world trade patterns brought about by China's new RCP import regulations. Fastmarkets RISI offers a comprehensive viewpoint. Over the years the recovered paper grades have changed dramatically along with the global consumer markets for these materials. All over the world, recovered paper (RCP) is a fundamental raw material and most of the world’s paper and board is made…

Growing Clean Globally

We’re proud to announce the launch of our South East Asia expansion with our office in Hong Kong. Tradecom International (HK) Pvt. Ltd. has been set up to focus on fibre and paper internationally as well as paper exports from reputed Indian manufacturers. The company will deal in recovered paper, wood pulp, fluff pulp, wood chips, and packaging & specialty papers and we’re happy to take our standards of excellence to foreign shores.

Welcome to a new era of growing green. Together.

At Tradecom, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. For over 3 decades, we’ve been driving the recovered and recycled paper industry in India towards a higher degree of sustainably. Our blog joins our other communication channels in becoming a platform where we will share our views, industry news, and other vital information needed to help Earth recover. Today is our 74th Independence Day and today, we pledge to never give up in our endeavour of helping the planet grow clean. Together, of course.